Athens, Greece: Part One

I must be honest and say my first bad experience was with the taxi driver coming from the airport.  The taxi driver was very aggressive with me for more money after he dropped off the other couple at their hotel.

My second bad experience was with my really bad room at the Epidavros Hotel. When I checked into my room at the hotel, my heart sunk.  It was dirty, very small, hole in the bright green wall, lots of noise from the street and doors slamming. The toilets are interesting. The flusher was a knob on top that you pulled up.

I did not feel safe, so I put my suitcases against the door the first night.   Inspite of everything, I did like the ceiling fixture!  








The next morning I showed the clerk my travel business card and asked for a different room.  He was right on it.  Two doors down, the room was twice the size and felt much cleaner.  It was still very noisy,so if you are a light sleeper you may not want to stay at Epidavros Hotel.  The view from the little balcony was quite interesting.  I wanted to be in the hub of Athens, so that I could walk to shop, tour, or go to restaurants.

The hotel offered free breakfast every morning.  The hotel staff were very nice.  I don’t usually take pictures of elevators, but had never seen one like this.  It looked like a regular door.  When the elevator arrives you open the outside door and step in and then a bi-fold mirrored door closes.

The streets were very busy!  There were a lot of men young  standing around on the sidewalks talking and smoking.  You had to step onto the busy street to get past them.  It seemed as if none of them worked.  That’s just my assumption!  There weren’t very many women other then workers.

But when Sunday came the whole shopping area was bustling with women shopping and visiting.  I could feel the excitement from the women enjoying themselves.  The smoke wasn’t as bad, because many of the men seemed to have disappeared.




The streets are dirty with garbage and cigarette butts.  Some of the streets were worse than others.  I was so happy that I brought my Young Living Purification oil to help me to get past the smoked filled air.  I enjoyed exploring the stores.  However, I didn’t buy too much merchandise.






 The Canadian dollar was $1:50 per one Euro.  I found it easy to figure out the exchange.  Their bills and coins are similar to Canadian money.  Join me for Athens Part Two.

Lorna’s Happy Travels!

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