Bedford Basin, Nova Scotia

We visited the Bedford Lion’s park in perfect time because the tide was low.  The kids caught small Crabs, Starfish and  Mussels and threw them back into the ocean.  Iris opened one of the mussels to find an orange slimy creature inside.   We felt the difference between the baby starfish and the larger one.  The baby starfish was soft and the older one felt more like the ones you can buy at a store.  Iris and Gus spent hours climbing over the various rocks to find the ocean treasures.

We learned what barnacles were.  They are shells that grow on rocks.  I can honestly say I did not like the looks of them.  It was just weird how they grow on rocks and hard surfaces.

The park hosts a playground and an outdoor swimming pool.  We were there in October, so the pool was closed.

The balmy weather allowed us to wear light jackets.



















The scenery was beautiful with the sailboats on the water.

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