Costa Rica, Arenal Part 3 of 6

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Costa Rica, Arenal Part 3 of 7

The Arenal area was lush with vegetation due to the high loads of precipitation.  The drive here from the East Carribbean did not disappoint.  There was so much natural beauty to enjoy!

Thanks again to we arrived at La Praderna Hotel engulfed by flowing vegetation and beautiful views. We were also greeted by rain as this was the rainforest.







The pool and restaurant overlooked beautiful views of the mountain and vegetation.








The burgundy jet tub did not work.  The burgundy toilet also kept running all night, even after an attempt by the repair man to fix the problem.  The next day we asked to be moved.  They were accommodating by giving us a discount for the downgraded new room that had forest green bathroom fixtures.   It was comfortable and close to the pool that was surrounded by spectacular view of the mountains and lush vegetation.  We were in the rainforest, so were not surprised to be greeted by rain.  A short cab ride took us to the small quaint town La Fortuna, where we did a bit of shopping and eating.


La Fortuna Man

BONUS (79)







I wanted to cancel the hiking tour to Arenal Volcano because it was pouring rain and I was quite sure we would not see the volcano.  Cancelling was not an option.  The guide gave a lengthy speech about the volcano and other trivia while our group stood in the pouring rain.  I personally would have appreciated the speech given in the dry shuttle before we ventured out.  We did endure the hike and unfortunately did not see the volcano.  Apparently there are very few days that the volcano will be seen.

The Tabicon Hot Springs made up for the disappointing volcano experience.  These natural springs were enclosed by beautiful vegetation and layers of hot springs, each with it’s own character.







We also enjoyed Baldi Springs the next evening after some sun around the pool that afternoon.  Although different from Tabicon, Baldi springs did not disappoint.








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