Craft Beer Market, Kelowna, B.C.


This gigantic beer brewery must be on your to do list if you are visiting downtown Kelowna.  Big shiny pipes bring your beer from the vat right down to the taps at the bar.  It is the biggest bar I have ever seen.  The enormous list of beer on the menu can be mind boggling.  But don’t worry, the bartender will give you as many tastes as you like.  Our bartender was great, upbeat and made sure we were looked after. I ordered one of their wines, which is also on tap.  I did like the Grapefruit Beer sample.

We ordered Nachos, which was kind of deceiving because they are served from a deep tray but there are only a couple of layers of nachos.  Everyone enjoyed their choice of food, except for one friend said the Beef Ribs were tough.  Maybe an off night for the ribs?  I was really impressed when they did not make her pay for them.  The Chicken Sliders were soooo good.   They make their food from scratch and the slider bun was so tasty.  Maybe I can get their recipe!

We arrived around 4pm, just in time to order before Happy Hour was done at 5pm.  The place was already busy and we sat at the bar until our table was ready.  If you have a large group, you might want to make a reservation.  The upper deck was closed because of the cooler temperatures.

 Fortunately, myself and three other  friends enjoyed Shrimp Tacos in August from their huge upper deck.  The view of the vegetation, harbour, Okanagan Lake and the Sails Sculpture was stunning.  We walked along the lake boardwalk taking in the beauty of downtown Kelowna.  You might want to play a piano that are placed intermittently along the boardwalk.









Kelowna summers can be very hot, but I managed to stay cooler, thanks to Young Living Peppermint Oil.  I roll it on the back of my neck and I feel refreshed!

Cheers to Beers!

Lorna’s Happy Travels!

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