Huatulco, Mexico; Part four

If you are asking Canadians which restaurants are good, Cafe Juanita usually came up.  They are known for their fresh Salads and Baguettes.  They have a magazine called “Bite” recommending some of the many good restaurants in Huatulco.  Mama Elsa’s is one restaurant listed in the magazine.


Cafe Juanita is approximately a 15 minute walk going north from Xquenda hotel.  I had to take a picture of Jessica from Canada with her DASH sunglasses.











On the way there was a model being photographed on the Chahue Marina Bridge.  They were so cute when I asked if I could take their pictures. The photographer was giggling.


Cafe Juanita did not disappoint.  I had a very good salad and Donna enjoyed her baguette.



Twice a year a very big concert takes place on Chahue Bay called Blues on the Beach. Sarah Smith was one of the stars.  This is a fundraiser put on for the Canadians.  They are raising money for a children’s fund.  The turnout was phenomenal.  I went with a local girl that was visiting her mother that lived at Xqenda Hotel.  She spoke English fluently.  I met a couple of her friends at the concert.


I took a sixty peso taxi ride to Crucecita to check out restaurants and find some entertainment.  My first evening I had the best squid and shrimp pizza at La Crema.   It took 50 minutes to get my pizza because they make it fresh from scratch and bake it in a clay oven.  It was well worth the wait.  They also have live music.








Another evening, I enjoyed very hot Jalapeño Poppers and Pasta Alfredo at Alfredos,.  I better not leave out the big Margarita that I also enjoyed.  There is also entertainment at Alfredos.












I have to say my favourite restaurant in Crucecita was Terra Cotta.  There was a big line up when I went for breakfast.  I was the last person who couldn’t get in.  So this nice couple from Grand Forks, (A few hours drive from where I live) asked me to join them.  I had a taste of their famous Stuffed French Toast. If you like rich, you better try it.  I don’t know how my omelette tasted so good. An Omelette is an Omelette, right?  It was the best I have ever had.


















I went back to Terra Cotta again for dinner  and was asked by another very nice couple from Canada if I wanted to join them.  We all enjoyed our dinner very much.  The pasta dish was awesome.  The bun was a cross between Yorkshire Pudding and a Roll.  Soooo good!



















I went back for lunch on my last day, but Terra Cotta was closed for a short renovation.  So I went across the street to  Xipol.  The jambon (ham) and queso (cheese) Quesidillas were tasty and you can’t beat the guacamole in Mexico!


If I bored you with so much food talk, my next article is going to be my boat cruise to see other stunning beaches with white sand and crystal blue water.  We spent time swimming at two other beaches.  Huatulco is so beautiful with all of its pristine beaches.


Lorna’s Happy Travels!



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