Kamala, Thailand, Monkey House Restaurant Part 3

This cleverly decorated restaurant is also a bar with a whole lot of fun happening.  The flashy design on the outside caught our attention from the street.  The inside was inviting and the cozy atmosphere was very relaxing.  We decided to check out the menu which looked really good. They had Thai food, Sushi, Steak, fresh fish, etc.  We also noticed their sign advertising live performances two times a week. We ate there one night and enjoyed the food so much, we knew we would be going back.  We met the owner Ka, a beautiful Thai girl that was married to a fellow from France. 

The two Thai servers were also very sweet and accommodating.

Ka invited us to join them and her husband’s family from France the night the live entertainment took place.  We were thrilled to hear that the entertainment was going to be drag queens impersonating famous singers.

Everyone was so nice to us and the platters of delicious food and wine kept coming to our tables.

The entertainers imitated Lady GaGa, Tina Turner, etc.  After the show was finished most of  got up to dance. What a fantastic evening this was.  If you are at Kamala, Phuket be sure to experience this wonderful, unique place that is located on the main street going through Kamala.




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