Megalchori, Santorini, Greece: Part Three

I met a lady at the bus stop that lives in Denmark.  I was off to somewhere else until she told me about this town and invited me to join her.  We both enjoyed our afternoon together.

Megalchori is one of the charming little parts of Greece.  The maze of well kept cobblestone streets are similar to Little Italy in Mykonos but on a smaller scale.  The few shops each had their own personality.  The Cork Store sold mostly purses and items that were made from Cork.  They also had a Greek version of Monopoly.

The streets led to more interesting and beautiful places such as the churches, memorials and arches.









I noticed an authentic Greek home for sale with a big paddle lock.  I am curious about the price and what the inside would have looked like.  However we would have had to track down the realtor.  I did not want to stay by the other abandoned building for long.  I was feeling too many negative vibes and did not want to pick up any ghosts to take home with me.









We came across another abandoned home and found out it was the only home that survived the volcano centuries ago.









I was a bit intimidated about going into any caves.  But was glad that I did go down there.  It is hard to believe people used to live in these caves.  I wonder how many people would have shared this cave and how each separate room was used.  The power has been added for the tourists to see the inside.  We were also by distracted by these birds in the cage just outside the caves.


















We had a few more distractions before going for lunch.









We walked to the edge of Megalchori and took pictures of the surrounding landscape.









When we were done touring around we had a nice lunch at one of the restaurants in the little square.






Before we caught our bus back to Perissa, we checked out this enormous bakery that served frozen treats, meats, pastries, pizza and more yummies!














































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