Mykonos, Greece: Part Four

Ornos Beach is just a 10 minute bus ride from the bus stop in Mykonos town.  The fare was 1.80 Euro.  The bus stop is a short five minute walk from my hotel,  Anastasio Sevasti.  I loved this beach!  The Aegean Sea was perfect for swimming.  The water was clear and a perfect temperature, the beach sand was nice to dig your toes in,  and the Greek food was great.  I decided not to rent one of the expensive beach chairs and opted to sit at an outdoor restaurant on the beach. The chairs were 30 Euros, closest to the water and then 20 and 10 Euros.  The restaurant, Porto Ornos offered great food and bevies.  First I ordered Dolmades and later tried their stuffed tomatoes.  Both appetizers were very good. I met a couple from Australia that I felt I could trust watching my valuables while going for a swim in the sea.  The bus arrived at Ornos Beach, every half hour.









On another awesome day, I paid 95 Euros for a sailboat ride with Set Sail, Mykonos to Delos and Rhenia Islands.  We left at 10AM and back to our hotel about 5PM.  We were a group of twelve including the captain and young assistant. The captain reminded me of a younger version of a Canadian actor Chief Dan George.  The fee covered two drinks and a lunch of brochette, tuna pasta and greek salad prepared by our bubbly assistant.









Delos Island was all  about seeing the ruins.  The rate was twelve euros to walk and explore this huge mass of ruins.  Apparently the God, Apollo was born on Delos Island.  I opted to stay on the sailboat to soak up the warm Greek sun.  There were no swimming beaches to bask in the sun or swim.  Some people loved the ruins, some said the ruins were ok and some thought the ruins were a waste of time.


Rhenia Island has smaller ruins and no swimming beaches.  Our sailboat anchored near the shore and we enjoyed swimming in the refreshing Aegean Sea.  I took a very strange picture of a guy walking along the shore.  He seemed to come from nowhere and was going nowhere.  I am still curious about that picture.

Santorini Island, Greece is next on Lorna’s Happy Travels!

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