Mykonos, Greece: Part One

I took a two hour ride on the slow ferry from Athen’s Pireas Port to Mykonos.  The name of the company was SeaJets which I booked from home.  The ride was around $80 Canadian.  There was a cafe for ordering food or beverages or just bring your own.  I was amazed at how big the cruisers were.  A ramp is lowered at the back of the boat and we wheel our suitcases up to the holding area to store our bags. Then we set off to find our seats.  The sunrise was beautiful.  I took the picture through the window.  The droplets on the window from the sea made the picture that more intense.

The sea was pretty rough, which made it difficult to walk to the bathroom.  I was laughing at some of the passengers staggering and they were laughing back at me.  Amazingly the staff had no problem walking.  They must have had sea legs.  I am not sure if I am using the right definition for being able to walk straight during rough waters.

We arrived at Mykonos port and I hailed a taxi to get to Anastasio Hotel.  The fare was 23 Euros.  I fell in love with my little princess room.  The furniture was white and the room was bright.  The bathroom was very small, but the rest made up for my wonderful experience here.  The lobby also got my attention.  This hotel was a quaint little gem overlooking the port and Little Italy.  I really felt like I was in the fantasy Greece here.  The staff were so helpful and nice.  We had free breakfast of pastries, Kalamata olives, cucumber, tomato, various cheese and sometimes scrambled eggs and fruit, etc.  Much of the time the fruit and eggs were gone if you arrived at the wrong time.  There were a few tables with a beautiful view of the pool and countryside.

The pool and area was inviting and I met a few people from other countries there, such as Britain, USA and Australia.  I enjoyed chatting with Paula and Sara from Melbourne, Australia.  I had it in my head that I might go nightclubbing with them one night, until I found out that nothing starts happening until Eleven PM.








I ordered a few lunches by the pool at Anastasio Hotel that I did pay for.  The Greek Salad was to die for with the big slab of Feta Cheese.  In Greece, I found that the most delicious Kalamata olives were the only black olive served wherever I ate.  They also add capers to the Greek Salad which enhances the flavour even more.  The wraps did not disappoint me either.

I am looking forward to writing  about Little Italy, Mykonos next.  I loved this unique and beautiful town.


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