Mykonos, Greece: Part Three

Mykonos, Greece: Part Three

I am excited to share more about “Little Italy”.  I met two very nice ladies from New Zealand while shopping.  We were all staying at Anastasio Sevasti.  We hooked up one evening to experience the sunset and more of Little Italy.



Their original plan was to take me to Jackie O’ Restaurant.  Unfortunately it was closed for some reason.  I posed for a picture in front of a a huge shaped white rock, which I found out later was an  Archaeological Museum.





We wound our way through the cobblestone streets from the top of a hill along the waterside where the three windmills stand tall.   There were tourists from all over trying to capture a beautiful picture or two, including a picture of the intense sunset.

The next day I strolled down to the waterfront and took in more of the culture.  I bought a Greek beer to sample and sat down on a bench all to myself to enjoy the view and people watch.  I was taking a picture of a red bird (perhaps a pigeon) that landed not too far from me.  It was looking at me while taking the picture and then it just proudly strutted by me for another shot.









I ordered Moussaka, from  En Plo Restaurant located along the waterfront.  Mousakka is a Greek type lasagna, with layers of potato and eggplant and topped with a Bechamel, thick, white sauce.  MMMmmm, Good!  The restaurants and waterfront walkway were bustling with people because  two cruise ships had docked there.  I only stayed in Mykonos for nine days, but certainly would have liked to have stayed longer.

Please join me with my next article about beautiful Ornos Beach, Mykonos.

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