Mykonos, Greece: Part Two

I fell in love with Mykonos Town also know as “Little Italy”.  The painted cobble stone streets, shops and restaurants were enchanting.  There were many ‘funky’ sunglasses and shoes for sale.  I would have loved to have fit those big red boots in my suitcase.


















Little Italy was about a five minute walk from our hotel.  I must warn you that going back to the hotel is a steep walk UP the hill.  As far as I could see most visitors were able to make the climb.

Through out Greece, I witnessed various photo shoots.

I questioned whether this mail box on the wharf was very secure.  However,  I did see a couple of tourists sending their mail somewhere. There were quite a few people enjoying the small beach with white sand at the port.  This is within the area where the cruise ships dock.










I met a wonderful couple from Queensland, Australia whom were also staying at the Anastasio Sevasti Hotel.  I dined with Deanna and Ross at the Marco Polo Restaurant.  They had enjoyed eating there another day and wanted to go back.  I enjoyed the Dolmades so much that I ordered more when they ordered dessert. The Dolmades are grape leaves, stuffed with seasoned rice and served with Tzatziki sauce.   The squid or Calamari in Greece is quite often served as a whole piece.  It looked delicious, but I didn’t order it because the portion was so big.  I recommend Marco Polos for dinner!





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