Oia, Santorini, Greece: Part Four

If you ever visit Santorini, make sure to visit Oia.  I paid 35 Euro for a boat trip to Thirasi to see the volcano and swim in the hot springs and later see Oia.

The bus ride to the port was also beautiful!  The circle in the sea was to alert water crafts that there were ruins of a sunken ship.  They decided it was too costly to remove the ruins.  The area is attracted by divers.





Our boat reminded me of a small Pirate ship.  I didn’t get a picture of our boat, but the one in the picture looked just like ours.



We had a walk up bar to buy refreshments and snacks.  We  sat on the top deck at tables.  We had a great view and it was nice having the tables.  A young couple from the USA, and three younger people from Sweden joined me at my table. The swedish people could speak English very well.  I sometimes am ashamed that I can’t speak at least one more language.  Some of them are surprised that we don’t speak French, being a true Canadian.   So many Europeans can speak quite a few languages.














I really enjoyed the boat ride to the volcano site where we docked.  The climb was quite steep to get up to the  volcano.  The areas of white buildings reminded me of snow at the top of the mountain.  Apparently it is the law to paint your dwelling white.

Later we sailed to the hot springs.  The Aegean sea is a beautiful blue, green colour.  The boat can only dock so close because of the rocks.  So we swam from the cooler Aegean Sea to the warm, red water.  The water looks red because of the rock colours.  There are white churches everywhere.

Then we were off cruising to the beautiful town of Oia.  There were quite a few of us that were shocked to find out the boat dropped us off at the Oia pier, which was 265 steps to climb up to the town.  There was an option to pay for a mule to go part of the way or walk.  Seeing some of the cliffs, I opted to walk.  There were a couple of times I thought, I can’t do this.  Then I thought of my daughter doing Death Race and Iron Man and that gave me strength to keep on going.  The climb was so worth the view!  The scenery was something you would see in a movie or in pictures.  I think at this point I can let the pictures do the talking.


Breathtaking!  Oh I had to take a picture of  the ATM.
























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