Ontree, Windsor, Nova Scotia

Ontree is a small ski resort in the winter.  We visited there in October when the zip lining was in operation.  I have gone zip lining several times where you climb stairs to a platform and the instructors hook you up and zip you along to the next platform.

This zip line is very different.  The instructors teach you how to hook the open cable on to the wire, then plug it into a gizmo that releases the other hook to open and attach to the wire.  You must learn how to do that on your own as well as releasing and attaching the cable to soar down the line to the next obstacle.  They have many challenging obstacles, all being rated at different levels.  They went from Junior Jungle to Easy and Medium and then Difficult to Double Black Diamond.  The fee covered 3 hours of fun, if you like that sort of thing.  I gave it a shot but was too terrified to go further.  So I stayed with the two younger ones, while the other kids took to the high skies.  They were not ready to quit when their 3 hours were up.  I am sure they will be going back.

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