Santorini, Greece Part One

My trip from Mykonos to Santorini did not start out too well.  The SeaJets cruise ship was late getting to Mykonos port. So when it did arrive, I couldn’t get to the dock fast enough.  They were running late were not waiting for  anyone.  The ramp went up and they were off sailing.  My only option was to book the next and last fast cruiser for $100 CAD.

When we docked at the Santorini port, there were many people bustling around. I couldn’t see anyone that had my name on a sign for my free ride to my hotel so I paid $30 CAD for a taxi.  I was surprised to see how dry and desolate the landscape was. Upon arriving at the Studio Apartment Perivolos, the male owner was quite upset with me because he had been waiting for me.  Then I went to my room and I was not happy with it. The worst thing was it smelled like sewer.  I asked the female owner for a different room.  So let me just say, I was not the most popular guest at this hotel.  She did go and do something in my room that made the sewer smell disappear.









I quite often prepay my rooms through or  So I do not get a refund.   The room did grow on me somewhat.  At some time it would have been a booming little hotel.  The pool was very nice and I began to enjoy the peaceful, country style landscape around us.  I originally was feeling like I was in the middle of nowhere.  I could hear roosters, and there were pens of horses or cows not too far from the hotel.  I enjoyed hearing the different types of birds chatting away!









The two owners and I were on better grounds the next morning.  He apologized and I apologized for not seeing him.  She told me about a discount store that would pick me up, take me to the ten minute drive to the Big Discount Supermarket, and then take me back to my hotel, no charge.  I bought all of this for $40 CAD.

I have so much more to share about Santorini, highs and lows!

Lorna’s Happy Travels!



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