Santorini, Greece: Part Two

Studio Apartments Perivolos was a short walk to the Black Beach, and a street with many restaurants and stores.  I was there the month of September, so tourist season had slowed down significantly.


During my stay there, I wanted to find the restaurants that served authentic Greek Food.  This lead to my personal contest to find the  restaurant that served the best Mousakka and Dolmades!  I had tried a few restaurants such as Sea View, but the service was slow and the Mousakka not as good.









I ended up going back to Pleasure Restaurant several times.  I loved the atmosphere, the music, the owners, the service and the food.  They by far won my best Mousakka contest.  The Dolmades were also very tasty.











I have been to a Black Beach in Hawaii, so the beach here was not too much of a surprise.  I must say I do prefer the soft white powder sand of the Carribbean.   
































I took a little Train tour along the Perrissa Town, Perivolos and Mera Beaches.  I enjoyed seeing the less busy part of Greece.  I was brought back to childhood when I saw workers using a small portable cement mixer like my dad used to use.

Megalchori, Santorini: Part Three next.  I really enjoyed exploring this town that had been almost totally covered by volcanic activity centuries ago.

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